Residential Cleaning

We have the ability to provide the best service to take care of your house, we can clean the spaces at your home with special dedication.

ALL ROOMS: Vacuum and mop all the floors (Carpet, hard floors), wipe down furniture, baseboard, lamps, windows sills and blind also other surfaces reachable to the cleaner.

BATHROOMS: Cleaning toilet, bathtub, sink, lamp, tilde shower, shower door, bathroom cabinets outside, mirrors another reachable surface.

BEDROOMS: Wipe down surfaces, exterior drawers, furniture, lamps, make the bed including change sheets.

STUDIO, LIVING ROOM AND OTHERS: Wipe down appliances, surfaces, furniture, table, lamps, top shelves, table an chairs.

KITCHEN: Cleaning stove, apliances, microwave, refrigerator and oven outiside, also cabinet or drawers door.

DEEP CLEANING OR MOVE OUT: It is incluided the oven and refrigerator inside, fan, lamp and surface reacheable with two step ladder

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